4 Tips for Attracting New Members to Your Golf Country Club

Attracting new members to your country club can be a difficult endeavor. There are many strategies and changes that can be implemented to rejuvenate your country club and make it more appealing to new members. Consider the list of tips below to make your club’s membership more attractive and build your membership base.

Reevaluate Your Strategies

Consult the professionals to reevaluate your current strategies and determine what changes can be made to improve the customer experience. You can contact club advisory services to evaluate current membership standards and employee protocol. A variety of techniques can be used to get a better understanding of the experience your members receive on a regular basis, including examination of formal procedures in addition to undercover examinations without staff notification. When undergoing this process, take the advice given to heart and be ready and willing to make significant changes if they are necessary.

Develop Your Social Media

Take time to further grow and develop your presence on social media. By investing in digital engagement procedures, you can promote your country club’s name and presence online while giving insight into the experience your members receive. Make sure you have dedicated staff that will ensure that your country club is responsive to online engagement and sensitive to current digital trends and topics. Make sure your social media pages and the club’s overall website stays up-to-date and maintains a modern appearance that keeps up with the times to avoid alienating younger generations from possible membership.

Promote Flexible Membership Options

Provide flexible membership options that will make joining your country club more appealing to those who are indecisive or engage in less regular play time than others. Short-term options allow possible members an easy way to get a less committed preview for what full-time membership would be like at your club. You can also offer seasonal membership options that would appeal to members who only play golf during certain seasons, such as summer or autumn.

Provide Invitation Incentives

Provide incentives that will entice your current membership base to invite new potential members to join the club. Sweeten the deal for both parties by giving the current member a bonus in addition to the new member, such as a significantly discounted membership rate for both parties for the first year.

There are many ways to rejuvenate the customer experience at your country club to make it more appealing to potential members. Use the strategies listed above to attract interest to your golf club and make membership appear more than worth the price.

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