How To Care for Your Swimsuit to extend its Life

If you are a water baby, no doubt you own a lot of swimwear, but do you pay enough attention to taking care of them? Women’s swimwear or men’s swimwear are very expensive and we spend a lot of bucks on them. If not cared properly, these can wear out soon. After shopping numerious swimming store outlets and finding the one that fits to your body, you don’t it spoiled or torn after some days of use.

Saltwater and Chlorine are too harsh on the swimwear. As high end swimsuits are made of fabric that are not so tolerant to chemicals, maintain these swimsuits need some gentle and extra care (as everything precious does!). Here are some advise straight from a swimming suit pro that can help in increasing the lifespan of your swimsuit:

Rinse your swimsuit before and after wearing

The fabrics absorb the most water when it’s completely dry; your swimwear won’t absorb chlorinated water if you rinse it with fresh water before diving into the pool as it already retains the clean water in it.

Whether you get into the pool or not, washing it after every wear is essential. Even if you don’t swim, you still use sunscreens and other creams that will eventually damage the fabric. And if you get inside the water, the chlorinated water damages the swimsuit if not washed immediately.

Chlorine and the salted water can fade the colour, so to seal the colours soak the swimsuit in water and vinegar for 20 to 30 minutes before wearing for the first time.

Hand wash your swimsuit, don’t throw it into the machine

Wash your swimsuit with mild detergent specially made for delicate fabrics that’s protects the colour of the material and cleanses without damaging the delicate fibres. If you don’t have soap available, you can also use vinegar to wash your swimsuit. Male swimwear contains less spandex so it can be cleaned with regular detergent.

Always hand wash your swimsuit, machine wash damages the delicate parts of the swimwear such as pads, cups and ties. Soak your swimsuit in the bucket or the sink with mild detergent for 30 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

Dry it flat

Wringing clothes can be very much tempting but don’t ever do this to your delicate swimwear. Not resisting the urge to wring may damage the fabric and the paddings of the swimsuit.

To dry the swimwear, rinse and roll your suit in a clean towel and press lighting so that the towel absorbs all the excess water. Once the water is absorbed, flat dry the swimsuit in the shade, drying it in the sun can fade away the colours.

Drying the swimwear improperly can stretch the fabric, and it will end up being ill-fitted. Always ensure your swimsuit is completely dry, putting it away.

Sit on a Towel

Sitting on rough surfaces like concrete beside the pool or the wooden chair by the pool while wearing swimwear may tear the swimsuit material. Lay down a towel before sitting to avoid your swimsuit being damaged.

If you feel carrying a towel all the time is a bit awkward and high-maintenance, just wrap up a sarong whenever you sit on harsh seats.

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Christian Taylor, is a sports freak and because of his passion for sports, he also serves as a communication assistant at Engine Swim – leading performance and competitive swimwear manufacturer in Australia.

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