How to Stream Super Bowl 2019 live outside of the US

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February 3,2019, is fast approaching. This is the date that we are all looking forward to, to watch the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2019. The Super Bowl LIII will be held at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the first event of its kind that the Atlanta stadium will be hosting since its official opening in August 2017.

Apart from being a football game, the super bowl is a collective event that brings football fans and indeed everyone together. It’s an event that cultivates major cultural events which serve as a unifying factor for many. While football fans look forward to watching every happening of the match, many others are looking forward to a blend of good music, entertainment and great informative commercials. The super bowl has something for everyone!

How to Catch the Big Game

Watching the Game on TV

CBS will be bringing you the live event. You can follow the big game on their channels and other partners as long as you will be at a place where you can access cable TV. For people who are a bit reserved, this might sound like the best option. Another option is to show up at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in person. You can get the tickets at a cost of $5,000 and above.

Streaming the Game Online

This is considerably the best way to stream Super Bowl 2019 live online. Online streaming will offer you very many benefits when compared to the traditional option of watching the game on cable TV. For starters, online streaming will allow fans from all over the world to access the match without the commercial breaks that are the norm for many TV stations.

There are a number of Android apps and websites that will give you unlimited access to ensure that you catch the super bowl games in real time.

How to Stream the Game Online

For easy access to watching the super bowl 2019 online, you are advised to use a VPN connection. You can download a VPN and easily install it onto your device. Use one that is compatible well with many devices, so you can get one subscription for multiple connections. You will want to invest in one that supports a speedyconnection for a smooth HD stream.

VPN connections are a safe and secure way of browsing the internet. Many VPN companies have different VPN products and you can choose the one that works well with your needs and within your budget.

As much as online streaming has many benefits for the modern day football fan, people wishing to stream super bowl live from outside America might experience some challenges. There are geographical limits that limit access to live streaming sites to only people within a certain geographical region. For instance, people in Africa might not be able to access the CBS sports website or applications because of their real location. This is another reason why you need a VPN.

With a VPN connection in place, you can disguise your real location to appear like you are in the United States. All you have to do is to connect to a VPN with a server within the set location. Doing so connects you to that server and this masks your real location such that all data you send or receive appears to be from the location of the VPN server. Connecting to a VPN within a location that will be streaming the live free of charge will give you equal access.

From Which Countries Will One Be Able To Catch Super Bowl 2019 Online?

There is no limit. You will be able to watch Super Bowl LIII from any country in the world. With the three primary requirements which are a gadget(phone or computer), a good internet connection and a VPN connection, you are sorted for the day. There are vast online apps like the Yahoo sports app and websites such as that have promised to give you free access on this day.

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