Online Football and  More for Your Coins

Watching football online is a classic! Who never?! In the old days it was only possible on pirate sites, with very poor quality, nowadays a lot has changed, and today we will show just that: How to watch live football for free! It is now possible to watch big matches, even without paying anything and without going to pirate sites (which most often had viruses).

Pirate sites still work and serve many times, especially when you are out of money to subscribe, or even when you have no free internet option. The thing is, the streaming came with everything, and we already have football matches being broadcast live and for free, keep reading and better understand how it works:

How to watch live football games on Facebook

Currently Facebook has a partnership with Interactive Sport to broadcast 2 games per round of the European Champions League; the games can beat more than 100,000 people watching at the same time. And it will be so throughout the competition in 2019, always stay tuned in the Interactive Sport profile to know the game schedules.

Best sites to watch football for free

The free soccer watching sites still exist; all have advertisements, which make it difficult to watch. But it is good to remember, the sites do not have viruses, just many advertisements. Close them all and watch a variety of pay TV channel options.

1- Football TV

This site has a different format and already leaves the posts with all games that will display, just save the favorite game and bookmark the right time of departure, because it is not recorded to watch later. TV channels like SporTV, Espn Brasil and Fox Sports are harder to find live today, but the matches are still showing the same way they used to be.

2- Football now

Site specialized in soccer games, usually only shows the matches of Brazilian teams. When you enter Live Football, click on the game you want to watch, then choose one of the broadcast options: Channel 1, Channel 2, or Channel 3. You will be testing one of the channels until it works the best.

3- Online Football 1

Despite the name of Online Football 1, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, FIFA, UFC and other matches are also broadcasted go to the site days before the event happens, or check the homepage for what will be broadcast. Moments before the match starts, the broadcast on the site begins, usually with a better quality compared to other internet sites. And as long as you can win he matches you can earn fifa coins.

When choosing a match, the same screen will appear in the image below, just wait for the game to start and the stream will be turned on. By the way, what a horrible game we use as an example (laughs).

4- Live games

Unintuitive site, but also live streaming the games, always about 15 minutes before the game starts, put the stream. We can say that is a site without so many ads, more focused on the quality of the broadcast, with comments from Facebook, a chat to mock rival fans, very interesting.

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