Randal Benjamin Talks on How To Boost Hand-Eye Coordination with Basketball

Many young people suffer from mental issues where they cannot coordinate their hands and eyes successfully. The top reason for this is they do not exercise or even go out and play their favorite sport. People lead sedentary lifestyles, and when they think of entertainment, they check their smartphones or simply watch a popular program on TV. Health specialists say this is not a good trend. If adults stop exercising or even play sports, children will follow suit. This is one of the prime reasons why most people nowadays seem to have poor hand-eye coordination. However, getting out and playing basketball can largely help people to improve their hand-eye coordination successfully.

How can basketball help to improve hand-eye coordination?

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas, Nevada and he plays basketball and football. His favorite teams are Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He loves the game of basketball and encourages everyone to play it for good physical and mental health. He says when it comes to improving hand-eye coordination, you need to be active. In the game of basketball, while one is dribbling with the ball, you have to focus on scoring as well. You need to focus on where your teammates are so that you can pass the ball to them. When you play basketball, you improve your mental agility as well. This game needs very quick reactions and so you have to be fast on your feet. Basketball requires a lot of concentration as the game can change any second. It is here that you need to quickly adapt to the changes so that your team gets a competitive edge.

Improve strategy and social skills with basketball

If you examine basketball, you will find it is a game of strategy and social skills. When you are playing basketball, you need to coordinate with your teammates. The sport involves everyone’s participation, and no one alone is responsible for a loss or a win. If you regularly play in a team sport, it becomes easy for you to build a relationship. In fact, studies have revealed that kids that are involved in any team sport are more social and they are able to establish successful relationships when they grow up later in life. The best part of these relationships in the sport is that players and coaches will have lots to talk about the thing they love the most- basketball!

Randal Benjamin says that basketball has many mental and physical health benefits. Regular basketball beats obesity so if you are bored with the same monotonous workouts in the gym, head straight to the basketball court and play with a team. You will feel rejuvenated in no time. Basketball is a simple game, and it will never be hard for anyone to pick up and master in no time, he adds!


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