How to Choose a Suitable Percussion Massager

Professional and amateur athletes, chiropractors, and folks with muscular pain are all armed with percussion massagers for their sports massage therapy. You will hear physical trainers mention these massage guns in about every gym talking about their effectiveness in terms of massage relaxation and muscle recovery.

A massage gun is a battery-powered cordless tool which you can use for musculoskeletal healing. It can alleviate pain, soreness, and stiffness of the muscles by using vibration and pulsation to increase blood flow and promote blood circulation. Furthermore you can use the gun to relieve pain if you experience frequent back pain as well.

The premium G3 Pro massager from Theragun is especially popular among celebrities, NBA athletes, and health practitioners who assist sportspeople in health recovery. Unfortunately, the high price tag on the premium massagers including G2 Pro is a put off for many.

Good news is that regular gym folks can get a cheap Theragun alternative. Cheaper massage gun alternatives come in different prices and features. Take time to research and find out how the massaging device works before buying it. What should you look out for when shopping for a cheap Theragun alternative then? Below are a few pointers to help you choose the most suitable massage gun to suit your needs.

  1. Intensity of massage

If you work out frequently and experience muscle soreness all the time, find a massage gun with at least two adjustable settings of power and speed. You can use the less intense settings on sore muscles and the highly intense torque when you have high muscle tension and muscle pain.

  1. The battery life of the massage gun

Extended battery life will ensure you complete your massage before the massage gun goes out of juice. The average battery life is about 3 hours of constant use. Ensure you charge the battery fully upon purchase and every time before use. Find one that allows you to loosen up every muscle group before the battery run out.

  1. Type of massage motion

Different devices deliver therapy in varying ways. There are those which only vibrate, others vibrate and thump, others vibrate and move in a circular motion and many other combinations. Find the massage gun that best addresses those deep knots targeting every nook and cranny of your body.

  1. Attachments and accessories available

Depending on the specific area where you want to do your massage, you could require suitable attachments. If you intend, for example, to do some focus massage on your neck or the arch of your foot, you will need attachments to ease the process of massaging those areas. For usage on larger surface such as those on your back and legs, you may not need as many accessories.

  1. Size and portability

If you intend to carry your massage gun around, find a lightweight one which you can easily fit in your suitcase or bag. Then you will not require another person’s help during usage.

  1. The noise level

A high noise ruckus is not relaxing for you, and others around. Choose a machine that does not have a noisy motor. However the more quiet the motor, the more expensive the theragun alternative gets.

  1. Number of tips available

The number of tips will determine whether you get a specific or more generalized massage. Few tips are great for a generalized massage, whereas many tips can work well for a specialized sore muscle relief.

Percussion massagers have numerous benefits, but there are also precautions you need to take. Avoid using a massager if you have any serious injuries or chronic health conditions. It is best to consult your doctor first. Most importantly, do not use the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus on your head or genitalia.

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