What Is a Third Shot Drop In Pickleball

Pickleball starts, in the same way, every time: One team will serve the ball, while the other team will try to return it deep. Then the receiving team will take over the net.

The shot that follows the return of the serve can have the greatest impact. The third shot is the most important. It’s known as the third shot drop in.

The baseline team has two options after the returning team gains control of the net. First, the baseline team can attempt to dominate the opponent using forehands and backhands. This strategy is only effective against weaker opponents because it allows the opponent to easily volley back the ball.

You can also try the third shot in the kitchen to neutralize your opponent’s advantage. This is more like a forehand than a dink. These are some tips to keep in mind when performing this shot:

  • Go even lower to the ground
  • Keep the paddle in a steady grip.
  • Keep your head up and keep in contact
  • Don’t wake up too soon

You can hit the ball higher and into the kitchen with the third shot drop. This shot should have an arching motion and the apex should be on your side.

The third shot can be used to your advantage by neutralizing the opponent’s advantage and allowing you to move up to the net.

You can improve your third shot drop by including it in your warm-up routine with your partner. This could lead to victory on the pickleball court.

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