3 Weight Lifting Belts Shopping Tips

Wearing a weight lifting belt as you lift weights offers a range of benefits. One such benefit is supporting your spine and making it more stable as you lift weights. The belt also helps you to be more aware of your position, not to mention enhancing your body’s biomechanics during such intense moments.

With the best weight lifting belts in India, you can, therefore, enjoy better, safer, and more productive weightlifting endeavors regardless of your goals. While weight lifting belts were once reserved for the Olympics and high-profile exercises, today, they are more affordable, accessible, and owing to their benefits, among the essentials every physical fitness must-haves.

While shopping for the best weight lifting bets in India, nonetheless, you can easily be overwhelmed by the numerous choices available. If you are in the market for one, here are a few tips to ease your shopping quests.

The thickness

First-time buyers are especially puzzled by the thickness choice, unable to decide whether ten or 13-millimeter thickness is the best option. Generally, the thicker the belt, the better the stiffness provided to the spine and staying put as you lift heavy weights, not to mention durability. Nonetheless, unless you are lifting “otherworldly” weights, the 10-millimeter thickness is all you need. The primary downsides of going for the 13mm is that it can be quite uncomfortable as it is too thick to allow you to position yourself for proper weight lifting easily.

The right fit

There is no one-size-fits-all solution while choosing the best weight lifting belts in India. The easiest way to get an idea of an ideal size is by taking your waist circumference measurements at the navel.  Ensure that the tape goes around your torso, and be firm and as accurate as possible. You can also shop around and try one on to get the feel. While trying the belt on, remember to place it around the belly button and not the hips, since the ultimate support also requires comfort, a concern you can’t achieve if the belt’s edge is pinching with the movements affecting your hip bone or rib cage. While still on size, you also need to consider the width, with the 4-inch option being a favorite for most people.

The material

Leather, suede, and Velcro are the primary weight lifting belts materials, and the choice is quite a matter of personal preference. For most consumers, leather is an automatic favorite owing to its stiffer features as well as durability.

Coupled with popular options manufactured by top brands, leather weight lifting belts also tend to be better-constructed, offering better support to the user. Suede weight lifting belts, nonetheless, are also a favorite for users looking for better comfort. From the best weight lifting belts in India, you can find a suede belt that is softer, more comfortable and offers better functionality as it doesn’t shift around as much as you take on your weight lifting activities. Velcro belts are a go-to for weightlifters looking for better mobility. When considering the material, you can also opt for a blend of leather and suede for comfort and durability.

Finding the best weight lifting belt might not be a walk in the park, especially for first-time buyers. With the above, nonetheless, you can narrow your options and comfortably find the best weight lifting belts in India that matches your situation.

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