Float the Bubbles in the Air and let Your Kids Enjoy the Magic – Bubble Toys

There is always something amusing about watching those bubbles unsettled, floating through the airspace, and when you choose the right bubble for your kids, you can watch them float in your lawn. With enormous styles to choose from, such as blasters, machines, wands – the most commonly used blowers. Now, it is your part to pick out the bubble toy that suits best with your lawn adventures.

Types of Bubble toys you can enjoy:

Here is the guide if you are looking for help in shopping for the right bubble toy. The main categories are listed below, and many more are available. Choose the one you love the most and let your family experience the floating fun.

Wands – you will find unlimited types of wands, but the classic style is the Dip and Blow wand, in which at a time, you can create many bubbles with a simple twiddle of the wrist. The little ones to whom holding bubble toys is a challenge can also blow a bubble and chase after it. Here are several most popular bubble wands with their age description, choose the best bubble toy for your young ones:

  • Wave wands: little kids and pre-teens
  • Dip and blow: just right for any age
  • Giant bubble wands: older kids
  • Mini-bubble necklaces: fun for older kids, however, might be choking hazards for young ones.
  • Scented bubbles: great for any age
  • Bubble buckets: best for the little ones who misplaces toys now and then

Blasters and blowers – you will have a blast of bubbles just by pushing a button with a portable blaster or blower. It has an easy to fill design that keeps the ‘bubble tag’ game going on for long. There are two standards of blowers and blasters, i.e., squeeze and trigger.

Bubble Buckets –hard-to-tip buckets are used with wands as a combination and are the best to limit the spills and keep the solution still in the bucket. Great for young kids who spill a lot because as long as the bubble solution remains in the bucket, the longer you can have the bubble fun.

Motorized Bubble Makers – want a storm of bubbles just in a flash with the snap of a switch? Motorized Bubble creator makes this job as easy as making an unlimited number of bubbles in no time. You just need a battery and right amount of solution, turn the motor on and enjoy your evening.

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